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Windy thinking….

Free wings

Wild smell rose fragrant Soaring free wings not landing Thoughts dancing freely Remembering darkness Stepping light into dawn Always in new daze Pain seeking healing Reside in arms comforting Heart beating hopeful

Haiku for Uvalde

No comprehension In these life’s ragged moments Empty in the void Hear the mother hen Squawking distress heartbreak grief Skunk’s hunger sated Loud rolling thunder Image fading too slowly Empty weeping arms Handcuff mothers’ fear Protecting children dying More guns men laughing Peace found within fields Memory of loving days Mountain heart endures

Back from Bedlam

Apropos, I suppose, I woke up this morning with James Blunt’s “You’re Beautiful” running through my head. The song appeared on his first album Back to Bedlam (named after a famous psychiatric hospital in England). Of course “bedlam” is descriptive of my anguished frustration and confusion as to “how can this keep happening” — these … Continue reading Back from Bedlam

GET LOUD – Because right now, we are NOT a great nation

I didn’t need Jimmy Kimmel’s monologue to write this; I did need to hear it to give myself permission to publish it, to get loud about what I feel. I felt I needed to rein myself in, knowing that when I get emotionally distraught my words can feel destructive, even to me; they’re angry rants, … Continue reading GET LOUD – Because right now, we are NOT a great nation

Mothers’ Day

Heather Cox Richardson is an historian and professor at Boston College.  If you’re not aware of her, she posts informative daily blogs on current and past history.  On this mothers’ day, as we witness the mindless brutality of the war in Ukraine, and other places, as well as assaults on women’s rights and human rights, … Continue reading Mothers’ Day

Rainy Day Poetry

Tap the water table beneath your feet Roll down the mountains in relief Feed the ground and clutch the air Smell the wind that blows so fair. Ride the oceans, touch its depth Climb up mountains, feel its breadth Search deeply through tangled roots Reach even higher for tree’s fruits Feel the rain or hear … Continue reading Rainy Day Poetry


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