Photo Gallery

A photographic journey while I was aweigh of life. Apologies in that many of the photos are of inferior quality. I lost a lot of photos due to extended periods of time between when the photos were taken and when they were developed, where the exposed film deteriorated due to the heat and humidity. But if you suffer through them, they might fill in any blanks in your imagination. You can right click on any of them to open in a new tab.

The journey starts here….

The Rarotonga Independence Day Parade and a few other Cook Island scenes

Getting ready for the Rarotonga Independence Day Parade
The YACHTIES’ FLOAT in the Roratonga Independence Day Parade

Scenes from Palmerston, Fortuna, and Fiji

New Zealand

On the road to Cooktown (my singular photo of the whole trip)

Leaving New Caledonia


A baby is born and the hills were alive with the sound of music

The Midwife “Monia” 45 years later!!!

And life on Ponape, Tahiti and beyond….