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How Practical is Imagination?

The word “practical” has several definitions which I “imagine” must be taken into consideration in answering this: likely to be effective in real circumstances or feasible; suitable for a particular purpose; realistic in approach, et cetera. Imagination is the faculty or action of forming ideas or images in the mind; or the ability of the … Continue reading How Practical is Imagination?

All the history I did not know….

I promised myself, when I decided to start blogging again, that I wouldn’t get “political.” But sometimes it’s just too darn hard to keep my mouth shut. I didn’t like history or social studies in high school. I don’t remember it being a deep discussion of ideas or philosophies but instead a process of memorizing … Continue reading All the history I did not know….

Mothers’ Day

Heather Cox Richardson is an historian and professor at Boston College.  If you’re not aware of her, she posts informative daily blogs on current and past history.  On this mothers’ day, as we witness the mindless brutality of the war in Ukraine, and other places, as well as assaults on women’s rights and human rights, … Continue reading Mothers’ Day

Rainy Day Poetry

Tap the water table beneath your feet Roll down the mountains in relief Feed the ground and clutch the air Smell the wind that blows so fair. Ride the oceans, touch its depth Climb up mountains, feel its breadth Search deeply through tangled roots Reach even higher for tree’s fruits Feel the rain or hear … Continue reading Rainy Day Poetry

Aging Gracefully

In late November of 2011, while living in Costa Rica, I was contacted by a friend of a friend. Introducing herself, she said she was bicycling through Costa Rica, down to Panama, and our mutual friend had suggested she contact me.  I, myself having been a traveler and receiving the hospitality of many friends of … Continue reading Aging Gracefully


Today, Earth Day 2022, I sit in quiet calm. The sun is finding its footing through the spreading branches of the alder outside my window. Soon, in weeks, if not days, its footing will fail, almost, as the leaves finish filling out Alder’s headdress and leaving only the tree’s shadow. The cool shade will come … Continue reading EARTH DAY 2022

A Clear-Flowing River — all the rest is just window dressing

First thing each morning, I put on my clothes — no, that’s not true.  First, after I jump out of bed, I scurry quickly five feet down to turn on my little heater in my van in which I live, and as that heat quickly changes the temperature from 39 to a passable 64, then … Continue reading A Clear-Flowing River — all the rest is just window dressing


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