Where you can purchase AWEIGH OF LIFE

You can get your copy of Aweigh of Life from Barnes & Noble, Amazon,  or Xlibris.com.  (I think I get a teeny weeny bit more royalties from this source.)

Most bookstores won’t have it on their shelves — until I get rich and famous! — but you can also order a copy through your local bookstore.

If you’d like to purchase a copy directly from me, please click here  Or fill out the form below.  When I receive the order via email, I will send you a Square checkout link and other links for payment via email.  (I might possibly get more sophisticated at some point later.)  When I’ve received payment, I’ll get your autographed book promptly in the U.S. mail and send you the tracking information via email.  If you would like it autographed, please designate to whom I should address it.  The charge is $25 for the cost of the paperback book and shipping and handling.